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At the end of the day, Jaylin Paschal is "that writer girl" from the mid-sized, midwestern city of Dayton, Ohio. Her life has been all about nuance, as she's always lived somewhere in the middle of things. Growing up just on the border of the inner-city and the suburbs; living in a predominantly black neighborhood but going to a predominantly white school; managing liberalism among conservative peers (and sometimes family)--"grey area" is not an unfamiliar topic for her.

This life on the border of so many cultures and ideologies is what prompted her passion for drawing connections, and ultimately sparked her interest in writing in journalism. Here, on Creative Liberation, Jaylin draws cultural connections in an attempt to make more sense of the very nuanced digital, fast-paced, socio-politically divided world we live in today. Most of these connections are drawn between culture and politics.

Being a lifelong Hip Hop enthusiast, Jaylin integrates Hip Hop culture into the majority of her work. She does not, however, identify as a "music writer," as she typically avoids reviews, lists and other music-writing normalities. Instead, she usually infuses Hip Hop into her political analyses or social commentary.

Jaylin attends Howard University in Washington, D.C. as a public relations major and graphic designer minor. And aspires to put work into the world which meaningfully contributes to the larger cultural conversation.