Trump Supporters: Not Republicans or Conservatives--Anarchists

Courtesy of Business Insider

Courtesy of Business Insider

By Jaylin Paschal

Chicago Trump protesters shut down a Trump rally last night. (Finally.) Of course, the rhetoric against protesters and reporters spewed by Mr. Trump caused tensions to eventually explode, leading to violence between supporters and protesters.

Protest was inevitable. Trump has attacked too many groups to go to a large, diverse city like Chicago without facing opposition. And the violence that escalated was not unpredictable. Trump encouraged this violence against protesters, shouting "Get em out!" or saying he'd like to "punch them in the face," or remembering how "in the good, old days," they'd be "carried out on stretchers." Protesters (and reporters) had been assaulted by Trump protesters and security in previous rallies, so Chicago was the crescendo in what's been a long, drawn out song in staccato.

So, after all of this, I have questions--well, one question really--for those who continue to support the Great Divider, Mr. Trump: How?

You all love 'Merica. You're probably wearing a bald eagle baseball cap right now, paired with a Confederate--I mean, American--flag tee.You probably say the pledge instead of grace, and therefore swear with your right hand over the Constitution.

So how do you support someone who not only allows but incites violence against those who exercise their First Amendment rights to speech and press? I know you all love the Second Amendment, so why not care about the crucial clauses before it?

How do you, Patriot, justify that obstruction of your Bill of Rights?

Then again, 20% of you don't believe that the Thirteenth Amendment ever should've been written.

The majority of you hate the Fourteenth.

The elite few in your party try to undermine the Fifteenth.

Your candidate seems to have no grasp on Article II.

Your congressmen don't want to do their constitutional job of appointing a Supreme Court justice.

Does "Make America Great Again," mean disregard the Constitution? Why does "Make America Great Again," translate into the total neglect of all that made America decent--not great--in the first place? None of this is very American, by definition of the Constitution.

You can't wear your star spangled bandana while simultaneously spitting on our legislative document. That's not how it works.

If what you want doesn't align with the Constitution, that's fine. But why not be honest with yourself? You either hate or don't care about our Constitution. Which ultimately means:

You're not a Republican. You're not a conservative. As far as American government goes, you're an anarchist. Let's call it how it is, shall we?