AfroPunk Brooklyn -- 2016

By Jaylin Paschal

I was lucky enough to be invited to the AfroPunk Brooklyn Festival as a contributing writer. (Check out my AfroPunk article on unicorns, I mean, black Republicans here.) My article covering the two-day event will be published in the next issue of Howard University's The Hilltop.

Highlights: I ran into Dr. Nikki Giovanni and met activist DeRay McKesson. I was able to see CeeLo Green, The Internet, and lots of other fantastic acts. There was a very cute, wallet-hurting thrift store right beside our hotel in Brooklyn. We spent Saturday night under the Brooklyn bridge by the water, after, of course, finishing a massive pizza from Grimaldi's.

Tons of music, laughter, shopping, and inspiration composed the weekend. Totally worth the groggy walk to my 9:10am class this morning!