Let's Get This Impeachment On and Poppin'

By Jaylin Paschal

The President of the United States is under investigation for collaborating with Russia to corrupt the 2016 presidential election. I mean he did say it was rigged, right? But hey, it's just an allegation; everything is still under investigation. So instead of jumping the gun on that issue, let's discuss other presidential-level offenses from Donald Trump.

We have to start with his allegation that President Obama wire tapped him. Which is ridiculous. The fact that it was tweeted makes it all the more ridiculous. The FBI investigated the claims Trump tweeted accusing President Obama of a high crime, and today FBI Director Comey informed us that no evidence of such a crime had been found, despite assurance from the Trump administration that there was concrete proof.

But really, accusing the former President of the United States is more atrocious than libel. It ties into Trump's arrogant and blatant disregard for truth, and highlights his ill willingness to lie to the public. Even about things ridiculous, insubstantial and virtually pointless. Comey also affirmed that it's impossible for presidents to order surveillance, which means Trump also lied about a government intelligence operation. Newsweek reads:

Democrats have already begun to float the idea of impeaching Trump, especially latching on to his claims of wiretapping, for which he has provided no evidence. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, said that if Comey reiterates there is no evidence to back such claims then Trump has set himself up for impeachment.

"If you do not have any proof and you have been saying this for three weeks then you are clearly on the edge of the question of public trust and those actions can be associated with high crimes and misdemeanors for which articles of impeachment can be drawn," Jackson Lee told the Houston Chronicle Sunday.

Here's the thing about the Constitution--it's vague. Super vague. Purposely. Y'all's "Founders" used very flexible language in order to provide room for growth and movement as the country faced new problems. This is done throughout the whole damn document. So the "high crimes and misdemeanors" clause is just another bit that doesn't really mean anything and therefore, could mean almost anything; including senselessly lying to the public about such an immense accusation. And by pursuing impeachment of Clinton, the Republicans established a precedent, setting a very low standard that could very well come back to bite them.

But that's not the only possible impeachable offense:

"There’s an inquiry into his ownership of the Trump International Hotel just down Pennsylvania Avenue, a call to discipline his counselor Kellyanne Conway for giving his daughter Ivanka’s brand a “free commercial” on Fox News, and an investigation underway about whether or not there’s enough security in place at Mar-a-Lago after the president decided to review national-security documents on a terrace at the Palm Beach resort last weekend in plain view of prying dinner guests (Vanity Fair)." He was gifted a trademark from China one week after meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping and endorsing the One China policy, potentially violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. And after his infamous, recklessly written travel ban on seven Muslim countries, several ACLU lawyers were tweeting that this ban was--literally--"an impeachable offense." (And Trump's pal Rudy Giuliani didn't help when he told Fox News that Trump asked how to do a "Muslim ban" and ordered a commission to do it "legally.")

 Our democracy is threatened thanks to Donald Trump's orders, actions, words and tweets.

So let's get it on and poppin', shall we? Out with the orange.


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