God is in the Details

Attentiveness is Next to Godliness.

By Jaylin Paschal

If you ever go looking for God, He will be in the details. We are closest to divinity when being meticulous; when caring about the outcome of all of our decisions; when showing craftsmanship in all aspects. If you ever go looking for God, He won't be in the obvious. No one believes in God because a beach exists; but rather because the trillions of grains of sand do.

I know God exists because I know cells exist; because I know atoms exist. Because I know billions of people live on this planet with equally complex lives, which weave and roll in and out of one another's; because there is the individual, yet because there is no individual. Because I know the vastness of the universe and the perfection and intentionality of all within it.

I can't stress enough the value of being detail-oriented with your brand. Meticulous attention to detail ties everything together. Being so, details are especially crucial if you are trying to tell a story through an artistic medium--painting, writing, music and yes, branding.

Of course, paying attention to the nitty-gritty of everything is stressful. But it's well worth it. The key is knowing when and where it pays to "sweat the small stuff." While everything matters, focusing on detail does not equate to overwhelming your content. Simplicity is still, as always, key.

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