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By Jaylin Paschal

I've written before about how "the cream rises" in oversaturated creative markets. But it's worth noting what makes cream "cream." Cliché as it sounds, a unique perspective is your biggest asset. No one sees the world like you do. That's why your post matters among the millions.

It's not the brand endorsements, the number of followers or the filters that make the contributions meaningful. It's creating or curating content which engages your followers in a way which allows them to connect with you and your brand.

Going the extra mile in pre- and post-production of your digital content is what will ensure your vision is successfully translated to the world. Pay extra attention to the angles at which you shoot and the edits which you apply. Ensure you have a solid range for your content mix. Diversify your posts by incorporating different mediums into your platform. Incorporate visual brand identifiers. If you're serious about digital content and making your mark, you owe it to yourself to see your vision through. Don't cut corners with ugly filters or think that establishing an "aesthetic" on your feed will be enough to make you stand out. Too often, digital content and our social media accounts serve as living, breathing dynamic portfolios which tell future clients, employers and collaborators who we are.

You're a creative--prove it.

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