ORIGINALITY + TENACITY: Being Aggressively Genuine


By Jaylin Paschal


As someone who's always had a very strong sense of self, I believe in being aggressively genuine. To me, this takes "being yourself" a step forward, and suggests that you are asserting yourself.

Being "aggressively genuine" doesn't mean you're the loudest, most flamboyant or even least apologetic person in the room. What it means is that you go the extra mile to protect your vision; that you guard your voice; that you see your ideas through; that you're vigilant with your passion. Being original and tenacious ensures that you're truly controlling your own narrative.

Having an uncompromising identity is especially important in a hyperactive, extremely saturated creative space. It's about more than "standing out" in the industry; it's about feeling comfortable even in spaces that weren't designed for you. 

Originality and tenacity is the nervy combination one needs to really come into themselves. But it's not a feeling you just wake up with. You dedicate energy to being you, and it's within that process that you "become."

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