By Jaylin Paschal

One phrase I hate is "when you love what you do, you never 'work' a day in your life." I disagree.

I love what I do. But it is work. I never forget that. It's fun and it comes easy to me, but it's work. It's intellectual, creative work that requires more of me than any leisure activity, with more at stake.

But I do believe that the line between work and play gets blurred as passion gets fiercer. In reference to my freelance assignments I'll often even say I'm about "to play around with this logo/layout/deck." And it does feel like play. I have fun, I experiment and I enjoy the work. But I think this alignment is because what I "do" and what I like to do are pretty much the same thing. I think that's the balance everyone should strive for.


My work and life are complimentary. The things I do everyday for fun are literally things I get paid to do: develop campaigns, create content and design. I never feel separation between the two. Meetings with clients, while there is a professional tone, seep into my everyday routine as if I'm just brainstorming or chatting. Capturing content is what I do as a hobby or for social media already. Event coverage is typically for concerts or rallies or parties I would've wanted to attend anyway. Designing is a constant state of play for me. Analyzing media for a paid article is exactly what I do for my personal blog. And almost everything else I'm tapped for--interviews, panels, etc.--genuinely sounds fun to me.

Being myself bleeds into being my brand, and vice versa. For me "work life" is pretty much just "life," in a blazer. (I would've added "and without profanity," but those have become almost normal in work life now.)

Again, this is not to say that nothing ever feels laborious. Anything I'm getting paid to do I take really seriously. That's why I feel like it's important to distinguish work as "work." Rather this is to say that everything seems worth it. As if I'm furthering myself along with my brand, or portfolio, or resumé.

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