All services are inclusive a free twenty minute video-chat consultation to discuss desires, goals and pricing prior to official business engagement. These consultations can be scheduled by email at creativeliberationblog@gmail.com. Student discounts may also be discussed.


The Creative Liberation “creative strategy” approach to brand development is the best choice for your brand or project, as it combines the data-driven side of strategy with artistic, innovative ideas. It’s as much about standing out as it is about getting measurable results. These creative strategy services are research intensive, function-focused and innovative. No matter your choice of services, the final product is sure to be culturally relevant, strategically sound and visually fresh. 


Consultation ($50): Up to two hours of either in-person or over-the-phone consultation discussing the best way to build your brand or start your project, and the possible next steps in implementing a creative approach to executing ideas.

Creative Brief ($75): Includes deck of in-detail strategic recommendations that will help guide your company in the right direction. This strategy will be informed by consumer market research and set off with innovative tactics to engage and activate your target audience.

Logo Design ($90): Design of a logo that embodies the essence of your brand, using colors, fonts and other visual identifiers that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your company or project without abandoning its essence.

Brand Identity ($125): This package examines brand identity, sometimes resulting in the redesign of logo(s), aesthetic design and copywriting to ensure that the look and feel of your brand is right on par with your messaging. All design techniques are informed by key public research.

Social Media Strategy ($175): Revitalizing your digital image by ensuring you have a solid social media plan, based off of analytics and trends while remaining true to your brand. This package includes a deck of strategic posts and recommendations on the best ways and times to implement them. It is an engagement-focused approach--not concerned with gaining ghost followers, but real people and potential clients frequently interacting with your page.

Website Development ($250): Creating or revamping a seven-page website to be both beautiful and functional. Through the use of gorgeous, interactive interfaces (based on the host site of your choice), your audience will be able to enjoy a user-friendly platform with your work, products, messages or ideas shown in the best possible light. the client is responsible for any domain and hosting fees. After seven pages, the client will be charged $30/additional page. If Paschal is expected to maintain the website beyond creation, there will be a $30 maintenance fee for each retouch.

Total Package ($500): This package includes a detailed creative brief, an established brand identity, social media strategy and website development--all cohesive in nature and 



Please email me at creativeliberationblog@gmail.com for more information regarding these or additional services.